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Kitchens that prepare food for the public must follow codes and guidelines to maintain a standard of cleanliness and safety.  If you own/manage a commercial kitchen, you must maintain a proper cleaning schedule for your kitchen hood system.  


We focus on Hood Cleaning, but we can offer referrals for products and services across the industry.  Let us know if you need new hood/kitchen parts, fire suppression, floor cleaning, front of the house cleaning, exterior cleaning, etc.  We maintain a strict policy that we do not make commision or kick backs on these referrals.  




Grease build up causes nasty difficult fires.   Fire code NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations) gives guidelines to protect your assets, employees, and customers.  Access Fire code 96 for FREE at this LINK:


    11.5  If you're hood unit has a Fire Protection system, such as sprinklers, it needs to be inspected once every 6 months.  See Table (11.4) detailing frequency of cleaning and inspections needed.  Low volume cooking units, like churches, should clean twice a year.  High volume cooking units should have it done Quarterly.  11.6 If upon inspection, there are grease deposits, you should have your system cleaned.  










    Pressure Washing/Hood cleaning is not Rocket Science.  It can be time consuming and requires the proper tools and skill for safe and efficient cleaning.  Lifting and steaming out grease deposits is a dirty job.


    We understand, you don't want to labor for hours, covered in grease in the middle of the night (best done in non-operational hours).  We take that chore off your hands.  Our techs have years of experience under their belt, and they know a few tricks of the trade to get it done quickly, affordably, and efficiently.  




      Please be advised, we are not responsible for wear and tear damages to your equipment.  Proper maintenance and continual cleanings are suggested to avoid build up that may cause damages.  Our techs will advise you of suggested maintenance and preparation for cleaning.  Should an issue arise, our team is happy to recommend a list of certified and qualified Appliance Repair techs to assist you.  


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